Non-Partisanship Policy

As a digital media platform, Cricketyatri strives to achieve the highest standard of journalism. In pursuance of the same standard, Cricketyatri has a clear policy to not take donations, investments or grants from a political party or any individual leader representing a political party. 

Cricketyatri including its fact-checking team has a stringent policy for its employees to not be part of any political party, think tanks associated with political parties, advocacy groups or NGOs which are affiliated with political parties.

Employees aren’t allowed to support even independent political candidates which might put question marks on the credibility of the individual or the organization.

Employees are expected to not be partisan while expressing their political views in public and that is reflected through our social media policy which is applicable to not just the editorial team but everyone part of the company. Disciplinary actions are taken in case of violation depending on the impact of the act. 

Transparency of Funding 

We are currently bootstrapped and generate revenue through online ads and sponsored articles. But we ensure that these articles are not at the cost of your reading experience. We promote limited and only socially relevant ads, and all such content is tagged as ‘Sponsored’ to clearly distinguish it from a regular article on the website.